All Haunted Places in NH

Haunted Places in New Hampshire

Haunted places in NH list: Check out these reported haunted locations in New Hampshire that you can stay visit and investigate with permission. There are many haunted places in NH, most of these are public locations you can have a ghost investigation at. If you would like to add to this list of haunted places in New Hampshire sign up for a free account.

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    List of Haunted Bed and Breakfast Inns

  • Gilson Rd Cemetery Haunting

  • Darrah Pond Haunting in Litchfield NH

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    Blood Cemetery: A Terrifying Paranormal Investigation

    • Remaining foundation

    Old Hill Village Haunting: Why The Entire Town Moved!

  • Is Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant Really Haunted

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    Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

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    Little Red Schoolhouse in Epsom: The Paranormal Investigation

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    Archers Pond & Polly’s Crossing Haunting

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