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Bed and Breakfast (B&B) and Inns in New Hampshire are much different than hotels and resorts as they tend to be more personalized and often provide more of a "homey" and personal feel to them. Bed and Breakfasts in NH also usually have a lot of history and are located in larger, older houses, sometimes farmhouses are used for a B & B in NH. If you are looking to experience New Hampshire in a more traditional way, a NH Bed and Breakfast Inn is the way to go. B&B's in NH are usually found in small towns and around the White Mountains of NH. Bed & Breakfast Inns can be a quiet, romantic way to spend a wedding Anniversary or Honeymoon. Comparing the prices of NH Bed & Breakfasts / Inns is important, but comparing what each B&B/Inns offer is much more important than prices. Some B&B Inns have fireplaces in common areas and taverns right on the property, other may not but may offers better views or other things that may be more of interest to you. It is also quite common that NH Bed and Breakfast Inns are owned by a family that occupies a designated area of the B&B, again adding to the Bed and Breakfasts / Inns welcoming, at home feeling you just can't get anywhere else.

  • Mill Falls at the Lake: Lake Winnipesaukee NH

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    Bedford Village Inn

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    Lake Shore Farm Inn Northwood NH

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    New Hampshire Mountain Inn

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    NH Bed and Breakfasts

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    List of Haunted Bed and Breakfast Inns

  • Cranmore Inn

  • The Glynn House Inn Ashland, NH

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