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  • Russ Brady

    Didja happen to see the damage done to the blue lady’s stone and think that publishing a photo of it will lead to more idiotic damage to this historical marker?

    1. NHTourGuide Post author

      Never would we think legally publishing a photo of anything would lead to someone illegally damaging a piece of history. You’re right, that would be idiotic, and also cowardly and immature, not to mention a class B felony in the state of New Hampshire. People are responsible for their own actions, which is something a lot of people forget about these days. Everyone is looking to blame someone else for their own wrongful behavior. We would NEVER endorse vandalizing anything. If we thought for a minute that publishing a photo of a place would lead to such a crime then we would not put any photos on our website.

  • Manny

    Beware , the forest surrounding the cemetery has some interdimentional ripple occurrences that probably is the only reason for the hauntings , things cross over , in some of this occurrences the phenomenon is harmless and neutral in others the things that cross over see you as prey and will follow you , if you feel physically drained or have instincts kick in leave immediately , if your electronics fail or batteries drain leave immediately .
    Just south of here Leominster state Forest seems to be an even bigger area for such phenomenons and even more south east the Bridgewater triangle, they are related to similar phenomenons for some unknown reasons , things from other places cross over and they have their agenda , it is wise to be aware .
    Such places exist around the world , almost like “weaker” spots on the fabric of time and space.

  • McKayla

    Just a theory but maybe the small stones next to them were their wives and they didn’t have enough stone to make that many? I wish we could know what actually happened 🙁

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