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  • Does anyone have a picture of the teachers? I captured a couple pics years ago that intrigued myself and my husband that were un-noticed when I was at the property taking the pictures as it was dark outside. I was wondering how to upload them to show my findings. Thank you .

    1. Dalton W Lawrence

      Hey, I am intrigued by your findings. I would like to help you upload the pictures. Please email me [email protected]

      1. NHTourGuide Listing Owner

        Hi, The photos we uploaded are the only ones we intend to have online. The other photos were not as interesting or were basically the same. Thank you for the offer though!

  • Richard Thomas Desforges

    I have a heightened sense of intuition and I had been talking to my wife that I wanted to visit a reported haunted location on my own to see what I felt. A half hour later, your story about the Little Red Schoolhouse came up on her Facebook page. Just a coincidence? I think not.

    So this morning, realizing I didn’t really have much to do today, I thought I would take the ride over from my house in Hillsboro, NH (my house is also haunted and historical). Within the 50-60 minute drive I started to receive downloads of information. When this happens, I know it’s my intuition because it’s stuff I can feel i KNOW and it’s things that I wouldn’t of known about. So I just thought maybe if I type it out to you, you could make sure it gets to essentially the right people. One of the two mediums I would think would be the better option, but I place trust in you that you’ll find it’s proper place. It is also very much worth noting that none of the materials I read or found was done prior to me going on site. I only saw the name of it, a picture, and the town it was located on. Because I did not read the article, I only had to do a quick google search for the address. You’ll have to excuse my email if it seems rushed in a way. I find I write best in a stream of consciousness. After I give my impressions, I will present material I came across.

    The following impressions came to me during my 50-60 minute drive to Epsom NH:

    I started to get the impression of a man. Older in age but not considered elderly yet. I believe he was a teacher of the school, typically with 12-14 students. He had a beard of medium length with no moustache. He was of Irish decent. All I got was the 1800s timeframe. He was a drinker, and a mean drunk. He demanded Respect. If you didn’t give it to him, there was hell to pay. He hurt children, possibly killed them. He was mean. I kept hearing “get out”. I felt as though he was already telling me not to go. He doesn’t like people, but he loves control.

    I felt excitement from the kids though. Although like when you’re in school and you have a guest speaker.

    When I arrived at the school house all I did was park on the side of the road and lean against my car. I stood there and waited and just sort of took it all in. I really felt like if someone was next to me, I would yell at them “Back off”. So I took a big deep breath and pushed it away from me gently (non provoking). about 3 minutes later, a dog from about 100 yards up the road came out of nowhere and started barking at me from up the road. It would bark a little and then cautiously run up a little, then bark again, then run up a little. For whatever reason I felt safe just staying leaning against the car. The dog kept doing what he was doing and eventually made it way up to me. As soon as I saw the dog up close I knew it was this guy in reality. Somehow he was behind this dog, either in spirit, or just getting the dogs attention to take notice of me. But just as I had in thought in the car, a beard with no mostach, which these types of dogs resemble pretty well. (Picture attached). The dog sniffed me and cautiously went around me and walked away. I sent some pictures to my wife and a video, all attached.

    So I spent a few moments, noticed the walled in area and I feel that was a play area for the school children. It also became the pay area for something much darker.

    At no time did I enter the building or intrusively walk around the property.

    Once I got home, I then started to read the articles about the school, I saw the name Benjamin Wiggins and with a wife named MAry. I did find a picture, but I’m not sure if this is the exact Benjamin Wiggins I saw but he is very very close to what I saw in the figure of the man. It also dawned on me that the type of dog I encountered at the schoolhouse, similarly looks like Benji. Also, could be short for Benjamin. Also you can notice the similarities between Benjamin Wiggins, and the dog.

    So after I process all of the information I got I started to get more downloads about Benjamin. He drank Gin, and he was a caretaker of the property. I believe his wife might of been the school teacher. I’m not sure of if they were both involved or just him, but I see him standing in the corner of the school house with a shovel. And he was just waiting there, occasionally taking sips of gin from a flask he had in his breast pocket.

    1. Dalton W Lawrence

      Very interesting, thank you for sharing. Have you happened to remember any other details? Perhaps any specific names of the children who were victims? So he forced his wife to utilize her role and abilities as a teacher to keep certain kids after school so he could abuse them? Does that sound about correct. Forgive me but your visions and descriptions are a bit vague. Could you elaborate on why you felt he was holding a shovel or what your impression of him holding a shovel meant to you? Did it feel like a threat twords you? Or perhaps he was giving you a hint as to something he done in the past? Here’s a thought. Use the voice recorder on your phone, the flow of talking is much more natural than writing and some people are better spoken than written. I for instance happen to be much better written as opposed to spoken. Perhaps revisit the house and go inside for more information. Please. The School House was just listed for sale days ago. Wish I had the cash cause I would buy it. That’s besides the point. I wish that I had your ability so I could piece some of this together and help put these wandering souls to rest. Hope that all has been well.

      1. NHTourGuide Listing Owner

        Hi, Thank you! The facts that I added to the article about the haunted schoolhouse were the only real facts I was able to dig up. So anything that might have been a bit vague would be the result of not having all the information needed to elaborate further. I did a lot of research at the town of Epsom and state of NH Vital Records Department. But something that long ago was not well-recorded. In fact some doubt it happened at all, which is always possible.

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