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  • John Sprucinski

    Wonderful write up! My team and are planning on doing an investigation on this site and Gilson rd cemetery in the coming week. Was wonder if we could use excerpts from your article in the video (once we complete the investigation) and even more to the point…would you like to join us? Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or look us up on YouTube under PüreZero. Look forward to hearing back from you and wishing you happy hunting!

    1. NHTourGuide Listing Owner

      Hi, sorry for the late response! Hope your investigation went well! Feel free to use the images in your video, just put some sort of credit on the images. Love to hear how it went!

  • Bob Blue

    Does anyone know if it’s still haunted? I heard they removed the stone a few years ago.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m not sure but about two years ago I ended up falling on top of one of the graves and broke my ankle severely

  • Paul

    The Abel, Betsy and George Blood gravestone was removed years ago. The town keeps what’s left of it in safekeeping.

    For additional background on how Pine Hill Cemetery got its reputation (including a mention of this posting on nhtourguide.com), and a closer look at the latest paranormal investigation there (a photo on Facebook that’s been copied around the world), see


    Happy Hallowe’en!

  • Anonymous

    This place is evil, extremely haunted. Was there 40 + years ago

  • hmo

    My buddies and I went here at like 3am. Keep in mind we’re all in our early twenties and religious, but something about this place man makes my bones turn into noodles. My friends and I spent the summer last year visiting old graveyards at night just because why not. We had probably visited 20-25 before we went here and were never even remotely scared. I swear to you I saw people running, I was so convinced it was real I called my friend’s name but he was behind me. Every hair on my neck stood up. If you’re looking to be scared go here, scary, but a blast.
    P.S. we were all stone cold sober

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