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NH Haunted Houses and Other Haunted Places in New Hampshire


The NH haunted houses & other haunted places in New Hampshire page is here for a resource only. We list every suspected haunted house and haunted place in New Hampshire that we visit and whether or not we experienced anything. If you own property that you believe is haunted and need help or an investigation, please send information to travel @ NHTourGuide.com (remove spaces).


Enter The Haunted NH Forum!


Many Haunted places in New Hampshire will require permission from the property owner to visit or investigate. Trespassers can be prosecuted by law. Please use all resources on our site completely at your own risk! Please don't vandalize property or break headstones, that is just plain stupid, disrespectful and rude... not to mention illegal! Be respectful of other people (living or dead) and property.


Concord NH

Margarita's Mexican Restaurant - The rumor: The staff claim the restaurant is haunted and have heard voices and have seen furniture and table settings being moved. Margaritas used to be a jail. The jail cells remain in the restaurant and are used for seating. We have visited this restaurant many times but have never experienced any signs of haunting. (see our trip report for Margaritas Restaurant for other information).


Epsom NH

Little Red School House - The rumor: In the late 19th century a teacher killed her students and buried them next to the school (We were recently notified by the property caretaker that this rumor is not true. However, the same person does claim the place is haunted). There is also a small cemetery there but people claim the entire area is haunted. There are reports that voices are heard and people being touched when there is no one else around. We have visited this area a couple times but have never experienced any signs of a haunting. UPDATE: NH Tour Guide.com attended an investigation with permission from the property manager. There is solid evidence of a haunting at the schoolhouse in Epsom, NH. See our Epsom NH School House Haunting Report for incredible evp's that NH Tour Guide.com captured and photos of orbs from this investigation.

Hill Village, NH

Old Hill Village is a small town in New Hampshire that was relocated in 1941 to make way for a flood control reservoir. The old village is said to be haunted. An initial visit of the property did not yield any evidence. We plan to revisit Old Hill Village for an investigation.


Hollis, NH

Pine Hill Cemetery (Blood Cemetery) - The rumor: In the 1970's and 1980's teenagers reported seeing Mary Blood in their rear view mirror when they slam on their brakes as they pass the cemetery. Today, the rumor is that the skid marks are because the spirit of a young child jumps out in front of you as you pass the cemetery. Both seem to be untrue from our experiences, so don't bother the neighbors by skidding your tires there. We stopped and went into the cemetery around dusk and looked around. We were there for about 20 minutes without seeing much. As the sun was setting, I looked around and saw an engraving of a hand one of the gravestones. The hand pointed up. I didn't pay much attention to it until I turned to look at someone that was with me and when I looked back at the hand I noticed it was leaking some sort of brownish fluid that was not there just seconds earlier. I later found out that the hand points down after sunset. I did not witness this as I was unaware that this happens or I would have hung around a bit longer. I walked in a skeptic but left a believer. This was my first experience witnessing real activity. The cemetery is located on Nartoff Rd. in Hollis, New Hampshire. UPDATE: The headstone with the hand on it has been replaced with a new stone at the end of October 2007. Enter The Blood Cemetery Forum!


Litchfield, NH

Darrah Pond (Roy Memorial Park) - The rumor: On cool nights in the summer, there has been sightings of a young boy asking for help in the water. I have been to this park at all hours of the day and night, went swimming and fishing there and even went there at 2:00 am by myself on one occasion and found no signs this location is haunted. It is just a great place with super clean water.

Griffin Memorial School - The rumor: A ghost sighting outside the baseball field at GMS. It's thought to be a young child that hanged himself on the fence at the baseball field. Again, I spent a lot of time here in the baseball field, the trails behind the school, both day and night. I have been there alone and with other people, every time I found no signs the location is haunted.

Nashua, NH

Gilson Road Cemetery - The rumor: Locals say that the cemetery and woods are haunted. There are strange lights, orbs, voices, and strange fog here. A close relative of mine (and a very credible source) told me he saw a man dressed in old 1800's clothes sitting on the stone wall staring at him as he drove by. When he stopped about 300 feet down the road and turned around, the man was gone. We visited this cemetery and didn't see anything that really proves the cemetery is haunted, but there was an incredible amount of fog in the immediate area as rumored, and it did feel like we were not wanted there, but that may be do to the cemetery's just plain eerie feeling. At the very least, the place is definitely creepy! Enter The Gilson Rd Cemetery Forum!


New Castle, NH

Portsmouth Lighthouse - The Portsmouth Lighthouse in New Castle New Hampshire is said to be a haunted lighthouse in New Hampshire. Ghost Hunters has investigated this lighthouse in October 2009 and did find some interesting results. Portsmouth Lighthouse Photos.


Ossipee, NH

Archers Pond & Polly's Crossing - The Rumors about Archers Pond and Polly's Crossing in Ossipee, NH are endless. They include the ghost of a man named Archie who killed everyone in the small village surrounding Archers Pond and threw the bodies into the pond, creatures living behind the pond in the hills, shaking cars, horrific screaming sounds, strange lights in the woods, a girl hit by a train, and the Plague. Check out what we found about Archers Pond and Polly's Crossing.


Sanbornton, NH

Steele Hill Resort - The rumor: The older main building is haunted by a man who is seen walking the halls whistling and has been seen opening doors and windows. We have been to Steele Hill Resort many times, in the same old building, slept there on many occasions, used the pool and the restaurant numerous times, but have not seen or heard anything.



Want to add to this list? Contact us with all the details you have and we will look into the claim and possibly visit the haunted NH location and post it on our site.



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Halloween Ghost Hunt in New Hampshire

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~ Haunted Houses in NH ~

Looking for a Scary haunted house in NH this Halloween? There are plenty of scary haunted houses in New Hampshire for entertainment purposes. There is usually a haunted house in Litchfield NH. There are also some farms in NH that offer haunted houses at Halloween.


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