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New Hampshire's seacoast region has a lot to offer, from Portsmouth Harbor, Rye Harbor and Hampton Beach. The rocky, quaint New Hampshire coastline is unlike any other. There are historic sites, beautiful beaches, hotels, restaurants, lighthouses, the Isles of Shoals and other attractions along the NH seacoast.

The NH Seacoast is only 18 miles long but it's filled with fun and exciting things to do. The NH seacoast offers shopping, sightseeing, cruises, restaurants, tours, and a lot more! The best place to sightsee on the New Hampshire Seacoast, is the ride along Rt. 1A. New Hampshire's Rt. 1A runs right along the ocean in most places. Whether you decide to travel by car, bike, motorcycle or on foot, here is your guide to the must see places along the NH Seacoast.

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