Breweries in NH

Breweries in New Hampshire

Breweries in New Hampshire craft some of the best beers in the world. New Hampshire has many breweries from large commercial brewers to micro breweries.

NH breweries often offer brewery tours, sampling and are seen at New Hampshire events offering samples of their beers.

In recent years more and more New Hamsphire breweries have opened up, and more have opened their doors for brewery tours, some even have other attractions and stores in the breweries, like bakeries, cafes, bars, and restaurants right at their brewery.

NH breweries with restaurants are a unique experience. If you're visiting New Hampshire, or are a resident, be sure to visit local breweries!

Brewery tours in NH are also becoming more and more popular. Some people have a bucket list of all the breweries they want to visit in New Hampshire.

Check out our list of New Hampshire breweries!


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Northwoods Brewery in Northwood NH



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