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Weather in New Hampshire

Weather in New Hampshire is normally unpredictable but for the most part the Spring and Fall are cool times of the year. April and May tend to be slightly more rainy, February tends to be more snowy with a few major snowstorms and a blizzard or two (January through March usually). Summers are warm to hot with the hottest part of the Summer going from late June to late July, and sometimes into August. By the end of August the weather starts to cool off and our hurricane season becomes a bit more active. NH doesn't get many hurricanes but we do get them. Most hurricanes will come up the Atlantic coastline and deteriorate in our cooler ocean waters. But don't let that fool you, we have had a few major hurricanes here in past history.

NH's weather can change rapidly, and without notice. We've seen snow in May and thunderstorms in January. NH weather challenges even the most seasoned weather professionals.

As a general rule, always have alternate plans and prepare for just about everything.

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