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  • Alysha Sousa

    Is there picnic tables at the lower falls on the kangamangus Highway?

    1. NHTourGuide Post author

      There are picnic tables at Lower Falls the last time we were there, but that was before COVID-19. I assume they are still there.

  • Sabrina Fabbo

    Is there a limit on the amount of people per camp site? Also if it is a first come first serve basis what when i come on a tuesday evening there are no spots what other camp grounds are located near by as i am not from the area.

    1. NHTourGuide Post author

      Hi, the maximum number of people at a campsite last time we checked was 8 people, 2 vehicles per site. Here is the list of campgrounds in NH. You can use the map on that page to determine what other campgrounds are near the Kancamagus Highway. Anytime we plan to go to the Kancamagus we use Whit’s End Campground as a backup. Its a nice campground, been there many times.

  • Krieg Steven

    Are travel trailers permitted on Rt112? Any length restrictions?

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