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NHMS Loudon, NH - NASCAR Race

NASCAR race Report

NHMS NASCAR Race Schedule


Get out the beer and the crazy wagons, we're goin' racin'


Going to the NASCAR races at NHMS in Loudon NH is one of our most favorite things to do. It is also by far our craziest and busiest time of year! We buy our NASCAR Nextel Cup race tickets a year ahead of time for this event. Our Busch series tickets, Whelen Modified race tickets, and Craftsman Truck Series tickets are all bought the day of each race in case they rain out.


Besides NHMS race tickets, we spend weeks ahead of time getting beer, food and water (in order of priority) ready for the NASCAR races at NHMS here in Loudon New Hampshire. We get the camper ready to go the weekend prior to the race weekend and bring it to NHMS in Loudon NH on Sunday and set it up. We leave the camper at NHMS for a few days and return again on Wednesday to stay for the rest of the week and into the race weekend.


Before You go to The Track!


We spend Wednesday and Thursday afternoon at NHMS looking for good deals in the tents during the day and watching the  Mardi-Gras style party stumbling down the main walkway at night. When we feel the urge for a little more excitement, we leave our crazy "L lot" and head over to the "X Lot" at NHMS. I think they need to add a couple more X's to that lot. The X lot is definitely the craziest lot in the camping area, maybe more for the July race, but September's race crowd is still a rowdy one. I'm not so sure that clothes are even required for this lot, but don't expect to get any sleep there. The party goes all night long.



Ss the week goes on, the camping areas fill up. By Friday night, the place is sold out and the party is on! Don't count on getting much sleep at any of the  NHMS camping areas at that point, even in the "Family Lot" we find sleeping is done in small quantities between the hours of 1am and 5am. The rest of the time there is too much going on at NHMS to get any sleep. But that's half the fun of going!


We made sure we went to every race, starting on Friday with the Whelen Modified 100 race. Then on Saturday, we went to the Craftsman Truck race and the Grand National Division, Busch East Series New Hampshire 125. I personally like this race because my father went to school with Dave Dion at Alvirne High School in Hudson, NH. Dave Dion drives the #29 Berlin City car in the Busch East Series. My father was suppose to hit up Dave for pit passes for us, but my dad passed away before he called Dave about it. I think we're going to have to settle for the grandstands. When you listen to Dave Dion and his crew on the scanners, you really get a sense that his team works well together, everyone keeps a cool head and they spend their time thinking about every move. A great team! This particular race was almost a big one for Dave. They skipped the last pit because they predicted an early end to the race which really paid off, but Dave missed a gear near the end of the race coming out of turn 2 and it was over. Win or lose, Dave Dion and his team have guts and a lot of knowledge. (I beleive Dave Dion is no longer racing as the team's website is no longer online.)


Then of coarse on Sunday was the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Sylvania 300. This is the highlight of the race weekend at NHMS for many people. The stands are crowded to capacity and the beer and peanuts become lunch for thousands of people. Power was lost at NHMS just before the start of the race, so that added a bit of confusion to the event. For the NEXTEL Cup race at NHMS, we watch (and listen to) Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kevin Harvick, and Kasey Kahne (If you look for these three flags and of coarse Dale Earnhardt Sr. #3 on our PVC pipe flagpole, you just might find us in the camping area). And even though Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt are friends, doesn't mean we are routing for Jeff Gordon...  We find Jeff Gordon is a bit of a pansy and gets upset when he loses, so we make fun of him instead. And I think we just recently threw in Tony Stewart into the same category. These two NASCAR drivers are easy to poke fun of, so we do...  Nothing personal. The rivalry in the camping area lives on! And no, that was not us dragging a Jeff Gordon doll behind our wagon...  But it sure was funny! When it was all said and done, Kevin Harvick took the checkered flag.


After the NASCAR race ends, the race in the parking lots begin. I'm not so sure I don't like this part of the race weekend at NHMS better. Watching thousands of people yelling and screaming profanities at each other about who cut off who, only to be dead stuck in traffic in the parking lot 15 feet further down the road for 4 hours without moving just moments later. The funniest part of this is that just a couple hours ago, they were all NASCAR fans high-five'n, drinking beer together and camping next to each other. I guess that's what happens when we get behind the wheel of our campers. Hmmm. Well, I don't understand it myself. While everyone is fighting to leave, we grab a lawn chair and a cold beer and go watch the fun. Then, when they are all done beating each other to a pulp, we walk to our truck and go home. And there is nothing better than that first shower when we get there. :)


View Photos from the Race!


Fast Facts About This Trip:
The Good:
  • NASCAR racing! That's a no brainer!
  • Usually the crowd at NHMS is very entertaining.
The Bad:
  • The traffic in and out of NHMS
The Ugly:
  • People who get so drunk they think they throw their arm around you and tell you they are the Spiritual "Gate Keeper." Yeah, you know who you are! Wow!
  • 100,000 people at NHMS and only 5 showers?
Tips to Remember:
  • There ARE showers at NHMS! They are near turn 2. There are only 5, so go there early am or late at night or the lines are huge!
  • Ice is expensive there (worth every penny when you need it though). We bring some with us to the track but it doesn't last long! The ice truck delivers ice throughout the camping area's main roads all day starting early am. You will hear when the ice people are coming, they have a loud speaker: iiiiiccccceeeeeeeee....aaahhhhh..... whaaaatzuuup or something like that. Really great people (and funny). They also have a tent set up in the L lot on the main pathway in case you missed the truck.
  • Septic and water services for camping trailers are available in the camping areas. We use the outhouses so never used these services, but I can imagine they are good services.
  • Be prepared for a long wait to leave the track, especially if you have a camper.
  • There are two gas stations and stores just outside the track property on Rt. 106. It's about a mile walk, not bad, but bring your wagon for beer, ice and anything else you wouldn't want to carry for a mile!




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