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Epsom NH Schoolhouse Haunting


EVP Recordings | Orb Photos & Video | Forum Discussion


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Report Written By: "Matt" - NH Tour Guide.com

Before I get into the details of this report, I want to thank the Epsom schoolhouse property manager for allowing access to the property and Ghost Quest for showing me the ropes of how a real paranormal investigation is done. The crew from Ghost Quest was very professional and incredibly knowledgeable.


I also want to repeat that we had permission to be at the Epsom schoolhouse. Do not attempt to illegally investigate at any location without permission.


WARNING:::: The property caretaker has reported that there has been many recent break-ins. All of which have been reported to the Epsom Police Department and are under investigation. One arrest has already been made! The owner of the property also stays at the school house when in town, this is not an abandoned property! Hidden cameras are also being installed both inside and outside the schoolhouse to catch the people responsible. Those caught will face criminal charges. We have been told that no future investigations will be allowed at this time.

The little one room school house in Epsom has been one of my favorite reports to date since this site began. Even though the investigation is over, I still find myself looking for history about the schoolhouse. I will continue to update the information in this report as soon as I discover it.


The Investigation:

Upon arrival at the Epsom schoolhouse on this fall day I must admit, I was a little skeptical of what we were going to experience. I have had strange, unexplainable events happen to me in the past that would convert the most hardened skeptic, but I still have a skeptical side to me that may never go away.


First, the Ghost Quest members did an interview with the property manager and took notes on events that happened. Then, two mediums from Ghost Quest entered the school house at separate times in order to validate their findings. First, Raven went in and returned a short time later to allow Beckah to enter the schoolhouse. While Beckah was inside the schoolhouse, Raven began to tell us that there were many spirits haunting the Epsom school house. She explained that there was a man (Benjamin) and a woman who name began with an "M." Raven felt that they were married. She also explained that there were 12 children, 6 of which were kept after school everyday and abused, then killed in the Epsom NH schoolhouse because they were afraid the news of the abuse would get out. After a short time, Beckah returned and explained almost the exact same story to everyone. Confirming each of the findings from both mediums. The information they obtained from inside the schoolhouse was also compared to some history found about the Epsom school.

With Raven's and Beckah's explanations about what had taken place at this schoolhouse, we entered the schoolhouse and temperature readings were taken, starting at approximately 42 degrees. As the crew began to ask questions of the spirits inside the school house, the temperature began to fluctuate from 42 to 60 degrees (almost 20 degrees in a matter of just seconds). The crew and myself began to take pictures, videos and sound recordings as well. As the investigation of the Epsom schoolhouse continued, Beckah began asking Benjamin, the teacher, and the child spirits to change the temperature to different degrees, and they cooperated with an unusual accuracy.


After approximately 30 minutes inside the schoolhouse, it was obvious to the Ghost Quest team that the spirits that haunt this Epsom, New Hampshire landmark were gone. When I left, I felt that I didn't capture anything at all on my camera, video, or sound recorder. I left with some excitement to check my sound recordings for EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). As I drove away I listened to my sound recording and heard nothing. Realizing that I couldn't hear well over my truck's engine and tires, I decided to listen again once I got home.


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After reviewing the sound recording at home, I found that there were a few strange noises that I couldn't explain and one of a woman's voice that said: "God no....  Help Benjamin, he made them do horrible things" After reviewing this sound file well over 200 times, and seeing the photos I personally took, I find it hard to deny the Epsom schoolhouse hauntings. Yet without solid historic proof, the rumors cannot be validated. See below for EVP recordings and orb photos.


Join the Forum Discussion for more info about the haunted schoolhouse in Epsom New Hampshire


A Note About Orbs: Orbs are a very controversial form of evidence of ghosts. While I am very skeptical about orbs myself, I do find it very strange and intriguing that I have never had any orbs in any of my family photos or scenery photos that I have ever taken. Yet, my first real ghost investigation at the Epsom schoolhouse yielded a lot of orbs in my photos. I found at least one orb in all my photos except 2. I have a hard time explaining this to my skeptical side.


The history of the Epsom schoolhouse is very limited. All of the history I was able to find so far is contained in this section and updated quickly if new information is gathered. I contacted the Epsom Town Hall, who gave me contact information for a local Epsom, NH historian. The historian pointed out a few places to get information. One of them was the Epsom Town Library. I visited the Epsom Library and found that they have a small local NH history collection. I was able to find out that the school was opened in 1834, was separated from the New Rye School District in Epsom after a fire at the schoolhouse and made part of the Mountain School District. The school was closed in 1911. Ten years later, the school was sold to the Mountain School Club. The school was reopened for the 1926/1927 school year, then mysteriously closed and no further information is found about the school itself. I also did not find any history yet that mentions anything about the rumored school murders. I did find that the Epsom town officials had replaced a teacher at this little schoolhouse at one point, but with no explanation given. It appeared it was the teacher's choice for leaving the district but that is an assumption on my part. I was also given a lot of information by someone I would consider a highly reputable source (and also a wealth of historic information about the town of Epsom NH) in the NH Tour Guide Forum (View His Post). He told me that there is a "Benjamin Wiggin" buried at the cemetery next to the schoolhouse (during the investigation, the name Benjamin came up as well as his wife that I was told by Ghost Quest during the investigation begins with an "M." The name "Benjamin was also heard on a recorded EVP below). This does NOT prove that Benjamin Wiggin or his wife were involved (only first names were heard during the investigation), Benjamin Wiggin died in 1844, his wife (Mary Dow) died in 1846. It is important to note that the first names could be a coincidence. The names Benjamin and Mary were very popular at the time and still are. There is also no proof linking Benjamin Wiggin or Mary Dow to anything at all and could possibly be a mere coincidence, I can't stress this enough. As far as child deaths in Epsom NH: I began looking through the Epsom NH death records for multiple child deaths and found that the death records did not record cause of death in most cases during the 1700s and 1800s in Epsom. So instead of searching, I had to browse through the death records prior to 1844  and did find some multiple child deaths. The most interesting was in October 1834 (the same year the school opened) when 5 children died, the actual day of the month is not listed, but what makes this interesting is that of the 5 children: 2 of them were from one family, 2 from another family... 2 sets of siblings dying at the same time... coincidental? Possibly. I find it odd that 2 families would each lose 2 of their children at the same time and because the death records were written together on the same line entry (ie: "2 children of.... "), tells me that each of the 2 sets of children possibly died on the same day. There were also a few other child deaths around that same time. There does seem to be a lot of child deaths back then in the NH death records, none that I found list the cause of death. Again, not sure if this was a lack of medical knowledge or otherwise that contributed to these young deaths. Please note that no historic evidence found so far supports the validity of the rumor, nor does it disprove it. The names mentioned in this report does not in any way mean the people were involved. Remember, there is no record of this event in the Epsom town records found so far. The ghost investigation evidence could possibly be the results of a different story. Listening to the EVP recordings below tells me at the very least something happened.


EVP Recordings

If you have ear phones or a headset for your computer it makes the EVP recordings below a lot easier to hear and understand. It is always best to listen to the EVP recordings several times to get the best results. You may need to increase the volume to hear them better.


Raven saying "Yup, or they could sit in the truck," then you will hear A man's voice say "No"

(I was the only male in the schoolhouse)



As we were leaving the haunted school house I left my recorder on. You will hear footsteps (us walking out) then you will here what sounds like a woman saying "Can you move over behind her so you guys can see me, bi*ch" - odd!



The EVP below is suspected to be the teacher talking about her husband "Benjamin" who was found to be one of the spirits that remain in the old haunted schoolhouse by both of the mediums from Ghost Quest that attended this investigation. This is by far the strangest and most unexplainable EVP I have ever heard. In the middle of the recording you will hear one of the investigators calling out a temperature. She was reading off temperatures as they were changing. She was the only one talking.


"God no....  Help Benjamin, he made them do horrible things"

(raw version)


"God no....  Help Benjamin, he made them do horrible things"

(amplified version)



Want more information about the Epsom Schoolhouse haunting?

Please see the Forum Discussion about this report

Epsom NH Haunted School House Orb Photos

To see the photos of the orbs and a video that was taken at the haunted house, click here


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