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Isles of Shoals in NH & Maine

(Isles of Shoals is commonly misspelled: Iles of Shoals, Isle of Shoals, Isles of Shores, Isles of Sholes, Islands of Shoals, Isles of Shoales)

The Isles of Shoals in New Hampshire and Maine are a group of small islands that are located off the east coast of the United States that borders both the states of NH and Maine.
In the 1600ís, the Isles of Shoals were used by Native Americans as fishing camps in the spring and summer. The Isles were named in 1614 by English explorer Captain John Smith.

Islands at The Isles of Shoals

There are currently nine islands includes in the Isles of Shoals: Appledore Island, Star Island, Seavey Island, Malaga Island, Cedar Island, Smuttynose Island, Lunging Island, White Island and Duck Island. The NH Islands are Star, White, Seavery and Cedar and the Maine islands are Appledore, Smuttynose, Malaga and Duck Islands.
There is one hotel on Star Island where summer meetings are frequently held. This is the only hotel currently on any of the islands.


Isles of Shoals Museum

The Celia Thaxter museum is located on Star Island. The museum was named after Celia Thaxter who was a famous poet and author that lived on Star Island, Smuttynose and Appledore, where her family owned a hotel. More about her and her family later in the article. The museum is a stone cottage that was built in 1960 and houses beautiful collections of Celia Thaxterís poetry and manuscripts as well as hand-painted china, items from the Appledore hotel, historic photos and a library of sea articles. The museum is open to the public free of charge in the summer through Labor Day.

Isles of Shoals Cruises

The Isles of Shoals can be reached by the ferry named the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company which leaves from the Market Street dock in Portsmouth. The trip is narrated and takes about an hour each way.  There are several other private companies that also take tours of the Isles but the Steamship Company tour is the only one allowed to dock. The Isles of Shoals Steamship Company also offers a walking tour of Star Island each morning and a 3 hour stopover in the summer season. Since each island is privately owned, there is no public docking allowed.

Isles of Shoals Hotel

The Oceanic Hotel is located on Star Island and first opened in 1873. The hotel is currently used for conferences in the summer and those attending the conferences can stay at the hotel overnight or they can opt to stay at the several Victorian era overnight houses on the island.

Isles of Shoals Lighthouse

The first lighthouse built on the Isles of Shoals was on White Island in 1821. Thomas Laighton became the keeper of the lighthouse in 1839. He lived on the island with his wife and two children, Oscar and Celia.  The couple had a third child, Cedric who was born at the lighthouse in 1841. Celia later became the famous poet and author Celia Thaxter.  In later years, the United States Coast Guard took over the lighthouse. The lighthouse became completely automated in 1986 and in 1993; the island became the property of the State of NH.

Isles of Shoals Folklore

There has been much folklore about ghosts, shipwrecks and buried treasure on the islands. Are any of those legends true? There are clues that there is buried treasure on at least one of the islands. There have been a number of ships that have been shipwrecked on the Isles. On some of the islands, you will find the graves of many of the people who lived on the islands.

Appledore Island

Appledore Island, also known as Hog Island, is the largest on the Isles of Shoals.  The island was originally used for farming. A church was built on the island in 1640. Most of those who settled here relocated to Star Island around 1700 to avoid paying taxes.  The artistsí salon was booming business on the island in the later part of the 1800ís. The salon burned in 1914 and that pretty much ended the leading artists, musicians and writers on the Isles. Today, the island is home to the Shoals Marine Laboratory and has been run by Cornell University and the University of NH since the 1970ís.

Star Island

Star Island was annexed to the town of Rye in 1876. It is now owned by the United Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ. Star Island is home to the Oceanic Hotel. In 2008, personal retreats were allowed so the public could stay on the island for up to a week. Star Island was first used by fisherman in the 1600ís. The first permanent settlers came to the island in 1677 when Appledore Island started charging taxes to their residents.

Housing boomed in 1715 when a mass migration occurred. The island became scarce during the American Revolutionary War but populated again when the Oceanic Hotel was built.  The hotel industry didnít last long because mountain resorts were becoming increasingly more popular. Today, there are about 90 college students who live on and care for the island in the summer and about nine staffers live on the island year round. Besides the Oceanic hotel, the island is home to other smaller hotels, a marine lab, a floating dock, 2 tennis courts, 2 playgrounds, a day care, a gazebo and an old stone chapel.

Smuttynose Island

Smuttynose Island was named after a fisherman discovered how the seaweed looked like the nose of a sea animal. The island is best known for its series of murders that occurred in 1873. Two Norwegians women were strangled and one of the women was hit by a hatchet.  There was a 3rd woman involved who escaped and later identified a fisherman named Louis Wagner as the murderer.  He was tried, convicted and hung to death. Smuttynose Island is also connected to the Smuttynose Brewing Company in Portsmouth NH.

Malaga Island

Malaga Island is connected to Smuttynose Island by a breakwater that was built by Captain Samuel Haley in the late 1700ís. It was rebuilt in the 1820ís. There are currently no houses or buildings on the island.  It is privately owned by the same family that owns Smuttynose.

Cedar Island

Cedar Island got its name from the cedar trees located on the island. The island was discovered in the early 1600ís by explorer john Smith. Today the island is occupied by lobstermen and their families. The island is relatively small, only measuring one seventh of a mile in diameter.

Lunging Island

Lunging Island is an island named Londonerís Island and was believed to be the original base to be the original base of the London Company. The island was first owned by Oscar Laighton (Celia Thaxterís brother). Legend has it that there was shipwreck there with only one survivor. That survivor was a pirate who is said to have buried treasure there.

Duck Island

Duck Island is named for the migrating birds the island inhabits. Today the island is used as a wildlife refuge. Earlier, the island was a restricted zone used as bombing targets by the government.


Isles of Shoals Webcam

Check out the live images of the Isles of Shoals from Hampton Beach!


The Isles of Shoals is often misspelled as Iles of Shoals, Isle of Shoals, Isles of Shores, Isles of Sholes, Islands of Shoals, Isles of Shoales


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