If you are new to camping, there may be some terms you hear from other, more seasoned campers.

Anorak- a waterproof pullover jacket with a used that is used a lot by campers. There is no full length zipper but yet a chest length zipper.

Bannock- trail bread that is made in a skillet.

Billy- a small pot for cooking that has a handle on it.

Cirque- steep glacier bowl at the head of a side canyon.

Croakies- brand name of popular elastic strap for eyeglasses.

Deadman- log or rock in the ground sometimes used to anchor a tent.

External frame pack- backpack which has a frame on the outer part of the backpack.

Fanny pack- zippered pack that goes around your waist.

Flash flood- sudden rush of water.

Ground stakes- anchors the tent to the ground.

Haft- the handle of an axe.

Hypothermia- lowers the body temperature due to being exposed to cold, wet weather.

Marquee- large tent.

Mocoa- a popular drink with campers made by combining hot chocolate and coffee.

Noggin- small mug.

Poncho- hooded rain jacket.

Puncheon- log bridge usually built over a stream.

Rucksack- style of backpack made of canvas with two shoulder straps.

Sigg- aluminum bottle used to keep gasoline or kerosene.

Smores- campfire snack made with graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows.

Tinder- small twigs, wood shavings, etc. Used to start a fire because they burn easily.

Toque- wool stocking cap.

Trekking- hard or long hike.

Wachita stone- med-hard mineral oil stone that is used to sharpen knives.