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Thread: What Are The Best Boots For Hiking?

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    What Are The Best Boots For Hiking?

    I am new to hiking but one thing I found is that whats on your feet matters! I used the cheap Wal-Mart boots since thats what I had in my closet but that left blisters and were painful! they made a long walk back down the mountain.

    I then bought Hermann Survivors and those were better but I still think I need to find the best boots for hiking so I wont hurt my feet while hiking.

    Any hikers have this same experience with boots?

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    Re: What Are The Best Boots For Hiking?

    the best boots i found for hiking are timberland boots. i have owned timberland boots since jr. high and swear by them!

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    Re: What Are The Best Boots For Hiking?

    Merrils, Gore Tex, lightweight, good traction and if you are a member at REI you can get a free pair if you have any trouble with them.
    i put so many miles on mine i get one or two free pairs for every pair i purchase so that is a deal i can't refuse.
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