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Thread: Fly Fishing Spots

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    Fly Fishing Spots

    Friends, looking to do some fishing, preferably remote. What do you suggest? The absence of much fly fishing talk on this forum has me worried that it is not a big thing in NH. That would be a travesty because the streams and rivers I have seen look ideal. Thanks for your response.

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    Re: Fly Fishing Spots

    I think the forum needs someone to discuss topics like "Fly fishing in NH" so that when people search online they find it, after time it will develop. I've seen it happen many times on this forum. Just keep posting about it and it will grow

    I have always wanted to go fly fishing myself, always wondered if I could do it. Looks so much more exciting.

    I used to watch people fly fishing at the base of Cannon Mountain, I can't remember the name of the pond there but I believe it's fly fishing only.

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    Re: Fly Fishing Spots

    Have you ever been fly fishing at the Androscoggin River?
    I have had good luck below the dams there, the trout like the turbulent waters. There are also many tributaries which run into the Androscoggin River from the mountains which keep the water cool in the hot summer months. It is a remote area for the most part, not exactly back-country fly fishing but a very nice river for fly fishing in the summer!

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    Re: Fly Fishing Spots

    Androscoggin River is a good suggestion.

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