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Thread: Blizzard of 2013! Major Winter Storm

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    Blizzard of 2013! Major Winter Storm

    Looks like the experts are now calling this storm the blizzard of 2013! This is a great shot in the arm for central and southern NH as well as northern NH that was slowly losing the snow on its trails too.

    Like most of us, we haven't been able to ride at all last year or so far this year in central and southern NH so this will be a nice change. I know a lot of my co-workers are bummed out about the approaching blizzard of 2013 but I say bring it on!

    Yeee Haw!

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    Re: Blizzard of 2013! Major Winter Storm

    The northern trails also need the snow believe it or not.

    We're in Gorham NH now and it started snowing at 4am this morning. The trails here last night were horrible. We were not able to ride at all.

    They're not expecting as much here but I dont think it would take more than 6" of snow to make the trails really nice!
    Matt Goodwin

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    Re: Blizzard of 2013! Major Winter Storm

    We definitely got more in the southern areas of the state! That's a nice change!

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