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Thread: Boat Repair in NH

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    Boat Repair in NH

    Many people have no problem buying a boat but when they are looking for a place for boat repair or restoration, they feel as though they have hit a brick wall.

    Skipís Marine is located in Merrimack. They pretty much do it all there. They restore and repair boats as well as perform general maintenance on boats. Some of these services include gel coating, restoring carpet, canvas and lettering, restoring decks and complete motor rebuilds. Skipís Marine even takes care of the insurance claims. In addition, they take care of your boat in the water. They can tow your boat if it wonít start, give you a jump if your battery is dead and assists with net entanglements. The business has been in operation for 15 years. The owner, Skip Moir, is skilled in the field of boating and fishing. He was a commercial fisherman for two years along with several years of boating experience. He is also licensed to be called a Sea Tow Captain. Plus, he is a Coast Guard Merchant Officer and worked 14 years in the Air Traffic Controller field in the United States Air Force.

    The Vintage Race Boat Shop is located in Wolfeboro. They take care of vintage wooden boats year round. They also reproduce vintage race boats that they sell or they can even customize one for you. The shop services they provide include bottom of the boat detailing, custom marine engine building, tune-ups, oil changes, paint and varnish work and custom upholstery. Bill John has owned the business since 2002 when he left the corporate world.

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    Re: Boat Repair in NH

    Information is really helpful for me. I need it.


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