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No Birds at My Bird Feeder! Where Did All The Birds Go?

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  • No Birds at My Bird Feeder! Where Did All The Birds Go?

    Is something very odd is happening with the birds this year, or is is just me? For the last 4-5 weeks or so I have no birds at my bird feeders, and I mean, NONE! I filled it with the same seed, even from the same bird seed bag, the same bird feeder, the same place its always been. But for some reason not a single bird. Same thing with my suet feeders. I see birds in my yard like Robins, Blue Jays, Sparrows, Nuthatch, even a few Pileated Woodpeckers (not that I want those beasts on my feeders). I can't seem to remember this every happening in the Fall before.

    Is this a sign of a mild winter coming? I would think if it was going to be a cold, snowy winter that the birds would be tanking up on food. I'm no biologist by any means and it could mean quite the opposite, maybe the birds are not eating because they are busy getting ready for a cold, snowy winter?

    Any one else notice there are no birds on their feeders, even better anyone know why there are no birds on my feeders?

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    The birds may be eating seeds in the wild or perhaps finding a southern route.


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      Funny you posted this. I was just browsing around when I saw this post and it occurred to me we don't have any birds at our feeders either. I just went and looked and the seeds are starting to grow and get moldy. This has never happened to us either that I can think of.


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        Same here... none, not even a few. Very strange and it's never happened before. Calling fish and game and then Audubon.


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          Interesting topic! We're seeing the same thing here, curious to hear what come of this. I would think it has something to do with nature providing a better choice for birds. We have a lot of overgrown brush about 4-5 feet high and I am seeing birds in it, not really a lot but enough to make you wonder.
          Matt Goodwin


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            Honestly something is very different . We've had many years of abundance in natural food -it did not affect our feeder populations. Almost eerie~

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          Yes, it seems very odd as I have been feeding birds for 30+ years and have never witnessed such an abrupt decline in little visitors, especially Chickadees! Several of us at church yesterday had this same observation and offered some possible reasons. I thought perhaps the sunflower seeds were tainted and threw them out and tried a new bag. No takers yet. One man offered up a suggestion that perhaps nature is giving them a better selection is this year. Very curious though. May call the Audubon Society and see if they have any clues.


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            I live in Southwestern NH and I am a dedicated bird feeder. I've lived here for 15 years. This summer, around July- the birds literally disappeared overnight. I know there was abundant food since we live very rurally -but that never changed the numbers at the feeder before. Now, it is November and even the year round birds are not coming. I use high quality seeds, clean the feeders -no change in the numbers that visit which are scant. It is an eerie and unsettling feeling to hear no bird sounds . I literally had a flock of 50-60 mourning doves here every day along with numerous Finches, Grosbeaks, Jays, Orioles, Red Wings etc- birds by the hundreds. I spent a fortune in bird seed. Where are they?? A few Juncos arrived but nowhere near the typical winter numbers. Disconcerting and way too quiet.


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              Has anyone heard from the autubon society yet? I live in Hillsborough and have no birds at my feeders either, just red squirrels. I always have many chickadees, nuthatches and creepers. The sunflower seeds are fresh and feeders are clean. This is very concerning. My neighbors are experiencing the same thing.


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                Same situation here in Dunbarton. I have juncos an occasional Cardinal pair along with the random titmouse and Finch. Plenty of snow on the ground so I would expect more birds. Any new ideas?


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