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"The Religious House" in NH, Possibly in Concord New Hampshire

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  • "The Religious House" in NH, Possibly in Concord New Hampshire

    Wondering if anyone has any info on or even went to stay at a place I only knew as "The Religious House"? This would have been early to mid 1970's time frame in New Hampshire, I believe in Concord NH.

    After years of going there and playing with other kids that were also brought there, I later found out that it was basically an intermediate place for kids, some sort of planning to remove kids from from their parents and be dispersed across the country. Could have been human trafficking for all I know. There were quite a few kids that went there so now I'm hoping someone will find this post who can shed more light on what was really going on there.

    My father was a Methodist minister in Penacook NH at the time. Every now and then my parents would drop me and my brothers off there for a day or two, I thought it was some sort of religious getaway for kids. So while I saw it boring and painful to be there, there was a few fun times there. I remember a big house, 2 or 3 stories, a huge stairway, lots of shag wall-to-wall carpeting, spaghetti dinners were common. We used to run around in our socks and get static electric shocks on light switches and of coarse shock the other kids, which was always funny. My brothers tell me they remember bats flying around where we all slept, I don't remember that part but that really freaked them out. I'm sure I blocked that out of my memory...

    Now knowing what I now know it makes me sick. We were basically getting groomed to be removed from our home and parents. The other side of it was that our parents would then join some sort of organization, possibly some sort of cult.

    Later in life I questioned my father about it but he never gave me a single bit of info, refused to talk about any of it. My mother gave me some info before she passed away but was never able to quite bring herself to tell me the whole story. I'm sure she would have if I had kept asking but I felt bad for her knowing my father was the driving force behind the whole idea.
    Matt Goodwin
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