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How New Hampshire Motor Speedway Beefing up security after the Boston Bombing attacks

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  • How New Hampshire Motor Speedway Beefing up security after the Boston Bombing attacks

    If youíre a racing fan, you probably have this date marked on your calendar. This is your Christmas and New Yearís Eve all wrapped into one event. What is this event Iím speaking of? Why itís the opening of the NASCAR racing season, of course. The melting of the last snow signals the start of racing season. Racing fans couldnít be more excited. However, we canít help but be concerned about safety after the bombing incident in Boston. Racing fans attending events at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway can be assured that security measures are in place to protect them if something like that should happen during a NASCAR event there. Read on to find out about the security measures that are in effect at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

    Employees Paying Attention To Detail

    Because of the volume of people that are expected to attend this event, the employees at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway are ready. They will be searching every book bag and cooler that is being brought into the arena. The people that take tickets are also trained to pay attention to any suspicious behavior by guests. When guests approach the grandstand area, they are screened again.

    Be Prepared To Do Your Part

    As an attendee, it is important to do your part to help keep the NASCAR event safe. Donít put up a big fuss if someone asks to check your bag. Pay attention to your fellow NASCAR enthusiasts. If someone is acting strangely, report the behavior to an official NASCAR staff member. Let the NASCAR staff handle the situation. The staff at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway are trained on how to handle these situations. The last thing you want is to get hurt because you donít know what youíre dealing with.

    Command Center Ready In Case Of Emergency

    The New Hampshire Motor Speedway is equipped with a command center. This is an area that allows the staff, EMT, and law enforcement teams to work together should a crisis occur. There are surveillance cameras at strategic points in the arena to help law enforcement in the event something bad happens.

    Terrorist attacks frighten everyone. However, that shouldnít stop you from doing whatever it is that you normally do. If you do that, then the terrorists have won. The staff at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway is already prepared in case something like what happened in Boston happens there. So if you are planning to have some NASCAR fun, go and have fun. Donít let the terrorists win.
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