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The Unsolved Case of Stacey Burns

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  • The Unsolved Case of Stacey Burns

    Stacey Burns was found murdered in her home on Mother’s Day 2009. To this day, her murder is unsolved but the case still remains open.

    Stacey lived in the community of Wolfeboro. She lived in a large colonial house on Main Street where everyone was always welcomed into her home. She worked as a school nurse at Carpenter Elementary School in Wolfeboro.

    Stacey met her husband Ed when she was a student and he was a new merchant marine. They married soon after they met and had five kids together. As a merchant marine, Ed spent months at a time out at sea, leaving Stacey to hold things down at home and raising five kids. When he would return home, there was definite tension in the marriage. The couple had a live in babysitter who stated that Ed had to know every move that Stacey made. Even after telling Ed the truth as to her whereabouts, he never believed her. But things got too much for Stacey to handle so she filed for divorce while Ed was out to sea and their divorce was final by Christmas of 2008.

    Shortly after the divorce, she began to date Jim, who was a logger and also divorced with two kids of his own. Their sons played hockey together and that is how they met. He fell in love with her almost immediately and began to get possessive and wanting to settle down but Stacey wasn’t ready for that just yet as she just got a divorce. They eventually split but Jim still kept coming around.

    On the morning of May 10, 2009, Stacey and her daughter had plans to met Jim and his daughter to a lacrosse tournament but when Stacey failed to show up, Jim went to her home where he was met by an ambulance and police cars. Stacey’s daughter told Jim that her mom was dead. Stacey’s oldest son had found her dead in her bedroom. Police state she was stabbed multiple times and that someone entered her unlocked home in the wee hours of Mother’s Day.

    The police immediately interviewed her ex-husband, Ed as well as Jim but both had solid alibis as to their whereabouts when Stacey was killed. The night before, Stacey and Jim were at Stacey’s house watching a movie and he left at 11pm to go supervise a sleepover at his ex-wife’s house. Ed was in Boston that night which was confirmed on video.

    There have been no arrests in this case and police aren’t saying much since the case is still an open investigation. The five children currently live with their dad.
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