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How to Stop People Fishing Next to Boats and Around Docks

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  • How to Stop People Fishing Next to Boats and Around Docks

    Trying to get people to stop fishing next to my boat and dock. I have been dealing with an endless amount of fishermen, most in Bass boats for some reason, that like to fish next to my dock and cast next to my boat, which I do understand the reasoning behind this. What I don't seem to understand is why they feel the need to hit my boat with their lures, bump into my boat with their boats, and swear like truckers so close to my home and guests, one even urinated off his boat near my dock. The interior of my boat has been hooked so many times I can't believe it! People hook their lures into my boat seats, and anchor line, then try to pull it to save their $10 lures and rip my $200 seats! I've caught (no pun intended) 2 people on my boat getting their lures off, both thought it was hilarious, one was even taken photos of his buddy on my boat.

    A few weeks ago I had a guy bouncing his lures off the side of my boat, not once, not twice, but three times in a row. So I returned the politeness with a question, asking him if he would like me to come down to the lake and hit his $50,000 boat with my lure? I got the finger in return.

    So while it seems endless and pointless to even try to reason with these boneheads I have decided to do something else about it that seems to work very well and decided to share it with others.

    The secret to keeping people from fishing next to your boat and around your dock is to place things around your boat and around your dock. Things that lures get caught on that is visible to the fishermen. What I used is an old ski rope with a floating handle on it. I also tied a bumper to it, just to make it more visible. The items are all safe for marine use, won't harm fish and it actually keeps the ducks and geese away from our beach area too. Floating this line around the boat and dock has made a few fishermen think again about casting their line next to my boat and around my dock. I have also used foam noodles with a rope around it hanging off the side of our boat and dock.

    So far this is the best way I found to keep people from fishing next to my boat and around my dock!

    Good luck!
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