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  • The dog snuggie

    Many of us have seen the ads on TV for the people's snuggie but there is also a dog snuggie for our favorite canine. Basically, a canine toasty wrap is a fleece outerwear that is created especially for canines. They are made to be worn to keep canines protected from the rain and the cold.

    Every pooch blanket with sleeves is made from soft fleece and will most definitely keep your companion warm. The great thing about the blanket with sleeves is that some pooches have sensitive skin just as people do. But since the wrap is made from soft fleece, it does not irritate the pooches with sensitive skin.

    The original doggy wrap was the idea of one man and his best pal. The man was a marketer who had recently lost his job due to the recession. He and his doggy were the only ones living in the home. The man tried everything in his power to find other employment. He applied for every job he could find.

    But there was one problem. It was autumn so the weather was beginning to turn colder. The wind was picking up as well, rattling his windows. As he applied for jobs, he wore a blanket around his shoulders to keep warm but every time he went to type, the blanket would fall off. So he had an idea. If he used a safety pin to fasten the blanket around his neck, it would not fall off. At that moment, a light bulb went off in his head and the snuggie he was created.

    Once the money started coming in from his invention, he had his family over for dinner one Sunday. His niece took off her toasty wrap and put it on her uncles beloved canine. The canine was a bit bothered at first but the entrepreneur had another great idea. A toasty wrap for canines was to be his newest creation. And the rest, as they say, is history. The toasty wrap was made for ease of use to put on. It goes through the front legs of the canine and snaps in the back.

    The pooch blanket with sleeves comes in blue for boy pooches and pink for girl pooches. In addition, the blanket with sleeves comes in several sizes to fit all breeds of pooches. The extra small size fits pooches that are 6 to 8 pounds, the small size fits pooches that are 8 to 12 pounds, the medium size fits pooches 11 to 18 pounds and the large fits larger dogs that are 17 to 28 pounds.

    The dog Snuggie is perfect for those cold winter mornings when your doggy needs to go out and do their business. You can take the wrap when you go for a walk with your doggy in case it rains or starts to turn cold.

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    Re: The dog snuggie

    So that is how inventions come up. Interesting story to read. By the way do You have a canine or snuggie?


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