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Fish and Game Rules for Boat Access Facilities

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  • Fish and Game Rules for Boat Access Facilities

    These regulations were made to assist the public in staying safe.

    No swimming or bathing.
    Do not destruct or steal any tree, shrubbery, plant or vine.
    Do not be in possession of any open alcoholic beverage container.
    There is to be no parking of a stand alone trailer or a vehicle with no trailer attached in a designated parking space for vehicles with trailers.
    Do not discharge any explosives including fireworks or firearms.
    There is no camping allowed at any boat access facility.
    Boat access facilities are not to be utilized for commercial purposes.
    Do not get in the way of others who are also launching their watercraft.
    The boat access facilities in NH are open twenty-four hours per day to the public with the exception of 10:00pm to 5:00am. During these hours, the boat access sites are only to be utilized for launching and bringing in your watercraft or you can fish from shore during these hours. Other than those two instances, the boat access sites are not to be used for anything else.
    You cannot park your vehicle or trailer in a spot that clearly states No Parking. Also, you cannot park your vehicle or trailer at any access site for more than a 24 period or you risk being towed at your own expense.
    You cannot release human waste from an RV at an access site.
    You are not allowed to start a fire or burn any type of materials unless it is done in the designated fire pit.
    Do not dump trash anywhere on the access site. There are designated trash cans where you can properly dispose of your trash.
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