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  1. Hi Jeff! Sorry for the late reply, been a crazy holiday season for us! I would love to have more info about rock climbing! Its one of the topics not many people know about but a small group of courageous people!

    Feel free to post on the forum as a user or send to my email at travel @ nhtourguide.com - include any credits you would like added to the article for the content and photos and any other credits you want included.

    Again, sorry for my really late response and thank you!!

  2. Hello sir, yes, I would be glad to write a short piece about crags next to the Kanc. I am 59 years old and rock climbing has been a hobby for decades. How about 200-300 words, a couple pics, some safety concerns in there too? No charge. I've climbed where I speak of, naturally. Just let me know. Thank-you sir, Jeff Ethier.
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